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What are the benefits of smiling and laughing

April 26, 2021

What are the benefits of smiling and laughing

What are the benefits of smiling and laughing

It always feels great to smile and laugh, whether we are sharing good times with our friends or just enjoying time to ourselves doing something that we love. There are 43 muscles in our face, all of which help us to release dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These are those little essentials that are responsible for giving you happiness and mood boost.

Smiling does more than just make us feel good as well, it actually makes us healthier human beings by achieving the following things. Read on to find out what they are. 

Decreasing stress

Serotonin is an important chemical in our body that helps us feel happy, but it also helps stabilise your mood as well which is the body’s natural defence against feelings of stress, feeling overwhelmed and more. Serotonin is also going to assist in sleeping better and impacts the body in many other positive ways as well.

It strengthens the immune system

Smiling and laughing especially actually help the body produce immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies that will help you fight off infection. So being happy, smiling and laughing will mean that you are less likely to get sick, according to research.

Reduced blood pressure

Heart disease is a very serious issue. In Australia, cardiovascular disease was the underlying cause of death in 41,800 deaths in 2018 which equates to 26 per cent of all deaths across that year. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease because it makes the coronary arteries become narrow from the strain.

Research from The College of Family Physicians has shown that laughing will increase your heart rate and accelerate oxygen consumption, which is immediately followed by the heart relaxing and blood pressure reducing. Laughing is basically great exercise for your heart and a way to lower your blood pressure (although proper diet and GP advice are still absolutely essential when it comes to heart health). 

Increased endurance

A positive frame of mind is essential when it comes to being an athlete. But smiling and laughing has more than just a psychological impact, there is a physiological boost as well. Practical research showed that runners that were smiling were 2.8 per cent more economical than runners who were frowning and 2.2 per cent more economical than those in a normal or default facial position.

It improves your mood

Smiling makes us feel good - and it can make us feel good when we are feeling down as well. It is possible to change the way your brain is functioning by simply smiling because it activates neural messaging. If you are feeling down or frustrated or angry, try to smile and laugh at something you enjoy because it is going to cause your brain to release those chemicals that make you instantly feel better.

It reduces pain

The endorphins released when you smile and laugh are actually a mild pain reliever so remaining positive and keeping a smile on your face can help you feel physically better when you are feeling pain.

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