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Fight the frizz, put a shower cap on. The Benefits

September 27, 2021

Fight the frizz, put a shower cap on. The Benefits

The secret to fighting frizz: stylish shower caps

So you’ve got your hair done at the salon and it’s looking absolutely amazing… for the first day, anyway.

The moment you step into the bathroom, though, things change and all that hard work is gone! Instead of a smooth, gorgeous style, you’re left with a frizzy mess that doesn’t nearly look as good as the way you want it. Sound like a familiar story?

It used to be our founder’s story, too... until she decided to do something about it. Growing up in a household full of three women with thick, long and unruly manes, Dilly wanted to find something that would make her life easier without cramping her style. And those rubbery, plastic shower caps we’ve all tried certainly weren’t going to cut it.

So she created her own, with a beauty product that really works and leaves hair looking fly both before and after bathing. And now we’re sharing it with the world!


Fight frizz in one simple step

As all curly-haired girls know, your locks need moisture. If they don’t get it while it’s wet, dry, static wisps will create a halo around your head. We don’t mean the angelic kind, either.

Then, if you do manage to get enough moisture into your locks in the drying phase, the next threat is rain or bathing. Either way, your tresses will end up looking messy, undoing all the time and effort you spent styling. You don’t want that, do you?

Our solution makes all that pain a thing of the past. Taking cues from the soft, luxurious microfibre towels we so love to use, we’ve designed the first-ever microfibre shower cap, which eliminates humidity-caused frizz and keeps your ‘do perfectly smooth!

Oh, and they’re much more stylish and chic than the everyday throw-away plastic you’re used to. AND they last. We’d never give you a product that doesn’t have staying power. That’s just not how Dilly’s Collections work.


How it works

Dilly’s Collections caps are specially made for ladies who want to look good and enjoy their lives. Our goal is always to bring you practical yet pretty products that perform, which is exactly what we’ve done with these products.

With microfibre lining on the inside of the cap, the next layer is high-quality PVC, finished off with fabric (printed or plain). We know that all hair types are different, so we’ve made sure to create a whole range of sizes for different people. (Afro-haired ladies, that means that you’re covered – quite literally).

All you have to do is to tuck your strands into the cap and get started. No matter how long you stay in the bathroom doing your usual routine, steam isn’t going to get close to ruining your look.

Besides, with the luxurious fabric and cute prints we’ve created, you’ll feel like a real queen – whether you’re exfoliating dead skin from your body or having a DIY waxing session while blasting your favourite tunes. Don’t believe our innovations can cure your frizz forever? Try it out and see for yourself!



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