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The Benefits of a Jade Roller

July 12, 2021

The Benefits of a Jade Roller


Top Five Benefits of a Jade Roller


If you’re like us, trying out the next hair and beauty trend is a must. Today we look at the hype around jade rollers. 

Although it can seem like jade rollers are being tossed around by every online influencer these days, the act of massaging with stones is actually derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

An ancient practice that focuses on scraping the body with dedicated, polished tools, Gua Sha can help encourage lymphatic drainage and boost circulation throughout the body.

When applied to the face, these same tools can help decrease puffiness and wake up the eyes after a good night’s sleep.

Interested in learning more? Here’s what you need to know about rolling before you dive in, and why we think it should be a part of your regular beauty routine.


Gua Sha: Using a Jade Roller Morning and Night


Here are some of the tried and true benefits of rolling or ‘scraping’: 

  1. Decreased swelling and puffiness by encouraging lymphatic drainage.
  2. Better circulation to brighten and help firm the skin.
  3. Increased alertness: By drawing fluid away from the under eyes and the face, you can look more awake.
  4. Potential to help ease sinus congestion when applied through specific acupressure points.
  5. A calming new way to apply skincare products: Ready to bring a spa-like feel to your daily routine? Consider applying serums with an accessory to help massage them in.

 Able to be applied to both the face and body, Gua Sha encourages fluid to move through the body and aid in our natural detoxification processes. If this all sounds good and you’re interested in using beauty tools to help boost your overall health, look out for the following before buying anything in-store or online: 

  1. Polished stones only: Sharp edges could cause harm or damage.
  2. Dedicated use: Stones meant for facial massage are smaller and thinner than those used on the body. Further, their shape is often contoured to help fit the natural shape of the jaw and cheekbones.
  3. Make sure to cleanse first and moisturise: The stones will glide much more smoothly if your skin is prepped first.

Wondering how often you should do this? Industry experts recommend committing to it in the morning to boost circulation and help decrease puffiness. If you have extra sensitive skin or are trying to heal an inflamed and irritated condition, we may recommend once per day (maximum) so you don’t further aggravate the skin.


Your Best Skin: How to Boost Your Daily Routine


If you’re looking to level up your beauty routine, Gua Sha can go a long way help to support the body’s natural detoxification systems, boost circulation, and bring about a healthy glow.

Looking for a brand dedicated to cleaning up and clearing out single-use beauty products? Dilly’s Collection is bringing the best beauty accessories to the market while remaining committed to a more sustainable, less wasteful industry. Check out our growing collection for some of the market’s best and most socially conscious jade rollers today.

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