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Sexy Shower Cap Selfie Alert

December 09, 2016

Sexy Shower Cap Selfie Alert

December 7, 2016 - by Insincerely Her


I have always been a big fan of shower caps – not even kidding, ladies! I even borrowed – okay, stole – my niece’s shower cap when using her bathroom. It was a cow print with yellow cow ears. How could I resist?!

When the lovely Sharona from Dilly’s Collection contacted me to try a shower cap, I could not wait to start this collaboration. I was so excited to see all the different varieties on her site. 

From the really cute toddler duck print, to the adult cupcake, ladybug, and puppy, there is something for everyone. If your head is a little on the large side, you’re in luck! The Dilly’s Collection has two varieties to suit bigger and smaller heads! Win!

I was gifted the babushka print, which is in gorgeous microfibre fabric. I am new to the microfibre world, and before having a home of my own I knew nothing about it! Now look at me. I’ve got a microfibre towel, bath mat and shower cap! 

After taking a few too many cute selfies and snaps in my babushka ensemble, it was time to jump in the shower with my sexy headwear. The shower cap fit my head perfectly, and I didn’t get any annoying marks when I took it off. Ideal, really, as that wouldn’t exactly go well with my killer contour for a night out! 

As for my hair, it’s often dry and brittle. I even refuse a blow wave when getting my hair done because it just doesn’t last – and I don’t like getting my head pulled from side to side! I sleep on silk pillowcases and still wake up with crazy bed hair the next day, so I expected a shower cap to cause insane frizz – but it didn’t!

In fact, the microfibre shower cap has 100% helped with my frizz reduction, which is going to do wonders over summer. The cap is lined with the soft material, with waterproof PVC on the outside. You stay dry, and your hair is protected. Perfect! Don’t settle for a boring shower – have some fun with a Dilly’s Collection shower cap. 

Why spend all that money we girls are guilty of spending on getting your hair done if your gonna be a frizz ball later?! These caps are such a great gift idea for Christmas, which is less than a few weeks away now, girls!

Dilly’s Collection also have some gorgeous handbags with the hamsa print on it (gotta protect yourselves from the haters, ladies). You can also get purses and cosmetics bags to match the shower caps. 

To find out more, visit Dilly’s Collection here. Big love to Sharona for being so patient with me and always being so encouraging and full of love. 

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