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Easy ways to grow your hair faster and more healthy

February 28, 2021

Easy ways to grow your hair faster and more healthy

Easy ways to grow your hair faster and more healthy

We’d all like to embody those GIFs of Fabio now and then – you know, luscious locks and whatnot. But achieving that level of ‘hair game’ comes with a bit of effort. If you’ve long avoided the TLC that your hair needs to get on top of its own health and nourishment, then getting quick growth that’s strong and healthy is a pretty hard thing to achieve.

Luckily, as time goes on, we’re discovering more and more ways to get that ‘do’ without all the stress and hassle – and it mostly comes down to a few DIY things you can keep in mind at home.


First thing’s first, how does hair even grow?

Your locks don’t just come out of thin air. In fact, you have around five million follicles that are responsible for creating your individual strands. Within that bunch, there are 100,000 follicles that are directly on your scalp. When you lose hair, you do so naturally at a rate of about 50 to 100 strands a day – which doesn’t seem so much, when you look at the bigger picture.

Hair grows at the root, not at the bottom of the strands, which is a common misconception. Getting a hair cut does not cause your locks to grow faster, it just eliminates the split ends causing breakage and making it seem as if you have shorter hair and thereby, it’s ‘not growing’.

As your locks grow, it comes through the skin on your scalp and makes a quick trip through an oil gland. These glands are what makes your head of hair so lusciously soft and enviable, but when you don’t take care of your scalp, your glands aren’t able to work to their best possible capacity.


What helps it grow faster?

Genetics can play a little bit of a role in how healthy your growth is, but there are a few other factors that influence the process. What’s important to note is – despite those big claims out there – there are no miracle fixes or solutions. Simply, you need to develop a solid, healthy routine to ensure you get the most out of your growth journey.

So, here’s a few ways to start developing that at-home strategy of yours for head-turning locks.


Stay away from harsh, strict diets

Diets that place you under extremely harsh restrictions can decrease the number of nutrients that your follicles need to provide considerable hair growth. Because your locks reaching a nice length isn’t exactly the body’s biggest priority, it puts those nutrients elsewhere, where they may be more in need.

Maintaining a less restrictive and more balanced diet will help you keep all of your body’s needs in check, without sacrificing your locks.


Examine how much protein you consume

Hair won’t grow when shedding occurs, and that typically happens when your diet is restrictive – just like we note before. That includes protein, which your individual recommended consumption will differ depending on your lifestyle habits, genetics, medical conditions and fitness (and dietry preferences).


Caffeine is your friend

Well, like all good things – in moderation. But caffeine can seriously help promote growth in both men and women’s hair.


Essential oils don’t just smell good

Several studies have shown that essential oils – like pumpkin seed oil – can help hair growth, particularly in men. Other options, like peppermint or rosemary oil, can also do plenty of good. Oh, and they smell pretty darn great, too.


Microfibre towels are a must-have

Did you know that using a traditional towel (cotton or the like) can cause more harm than good? Microfibre turbans and shower caps are better picks for your locks, as it inflicts less friction on your hair and places far less strain. A bonus is that microfibre also reduces frizz.

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