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Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

June 28, 2021

Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep


Sleep Hygiene 101: The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

You may have heard a lot about the benefits of slowing down and focusing on the quality of your sleep. (Let’s face it – we agree.) With the benefits of good quality, sufficient rest directly influencing your skin, physical and mental health, we always recommend prioritising winding down and resting up.

If you’re looking for a quick summary about some of the direct effects downtime can have on your health, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick overview on the advantages and then a few tips on how you can wind down better.  

Good, Better, Rest: How to Wind Down at Night 

Among the many benefits of a few zzz’s, some of the most direct effects on your health and wellbeing include: 

  1. Better mental alertness and focus: If you’re interested in powering through the day, your plan of attack should begin the day before. Sleep has a direct influence on how well your brain can focus throughout the day.
  2. Better mood stability: Find yourself getting grumpy throughout the day? Fatigue can make it more difficult to regulate our mood, and you’re more likely to become irritable or stressed.
  3. Balanced blood sugar levels, regulated metabolism: Find yourself craving a 3pm sweet? Fatigue could be to blame. Many people reach for a quick pick-me-up mid-afternoon when the reality is they’re probably just tired.
  4. Reduced stress levels: Want to help manage stress and anxiety? Getting enough zzz’s can help support your nervous system’s ability to cope with and manage stress.
  5. Stronger immunity against colds and flu: If you want to stay healthy this cold and flu season, getting enough good quality rest is one of your immune system’s best bets. 

That’s all well and good. Now the important thing to know is – how can you get it? If you have been struggling to get enough downtime, consider the following: 

  • Do you use mobile phone, computers, or watch TV screens right before bed?
  • Do you have a dedicated period to relax each night?
  • How much caffeine or alcohol do you consume? 

If you said yes to some (or all) of the above, these tips might be for you. Check out our recommendations on how you can still prep for a better night ahead

  1. Limit screen use from phones, computers and TVs for at least thirtyminutes to an hour before bed. The blue light emitted from artificial screens can cause increased alertness and prevent your body clock from slowing down.
  2. Wind-down routine – Consider a warm shower, herbal tea and turning off all electronic devices half an hour before you’d like to be lying down. Each time you follow the same routine, your body and brain are reminded of the actions it takes before going to sleep.
  3. Limit caffeine – If you’ve been relying on caffeine for a pick-me-up, or alcohol to wind down, both can have a direct effect on how well you shut off in the evening. If you drink caffeine, try to stop consuming it early to mid-afternoon each day. Further, limit alcoholic drinks to just a few per week.
  4. Go to bed at the same time each night – Do this even on the weekends. Our body’s natural systems kick in when it’s time to wind down. Also, as we experience increased melatonin levels later in the day, having the same clock off time can make it easier to go down well.
  5. Warm bed, cool room – Wondering if there is an ideal evening temperature? We recommend keeping your room cool and bundling up with blankets and soft items to stay warm.
  6. Struggling with noise? If you have noisy neighbours or live near a busy road, consider the soothing effects of white noise. From falling rain to ocean waves, there are plenty of free apps and streaming services that offer calming sounds to help block out environmental sounds.  

Your Best Beauty Secret: Better Sleep for Health and Skin 

Convinced yet? Directly affecting your mental and physical health, we’re steadfast believers that sleep can help up your beauty game, too. 

Want to rest your way to better skin, hair and nails? The body rejuvenates while you’re dreaming – so bundle up each night and dream your way to better skin.

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