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5 Easy Ways To Repair Your Hair After Summer

February 23, 2020

5 Easy Ways To Repair Your Hair After Summer

Summer is great. Sunshine, beach days, long nights, and plenty of pool time. But sometimes all that fun in the sun can have an impact on the health of your hair, making it dry, frizzy and dull. 

UV, saltwater and chlorine can all cause damage to your hair over time. With the sunny season almost over, you may find your hair feeling brittle and straw-like. So here are some tips to get it looking and feeling great again. Autumn is the perfect time to restore your hair health and start a good routine to protect it over winter.

  1. Use a moisturising hair mask or leave-in treatment to restore moisture to your hair.
    This should be your first step, invest in a great moisturising hair mask and a leave-in treatment to help restore moisture to your hair. These treatments will restore shine to your hair and get it feeling silky smooth. We recommend doing a hair mask at least once a week, and a leave-in treatment around every two weeks, but commit to one or the other. Don’t overload your hair with too much product and try to stick to products that are formulated to work together. Short on time? Use a leave-in treatment. Want to treat yo’ self? Try a hair mask.

    Make life easier by using our Microfibre shower caps or hair turbans to help seal in the mask as it works through your hair. Or even better, pop on one of our satin sleeping caps after you apply your leave-in treatment and leave it to work overnight. Better hair, while you sleep, is what we’re all about. 
  1. Get a trim
    I know it’s a generally terrifying thought, but sometimes your hair just needs a bit of a trim to get it on the road to recovery. Split and dry ends prevent your hair growth and are more likely to be frizzy. A fresh trim will help your hair heal from the summer sun.

    And while you’re at the hairdresser's, ask them to give you a blow-wave to give your hair a boost. You can maintain your blow-wave for longer by using our microfibre-lined shower caps in the shower to keep it free from any steam and moisture!
  2. Turn down the shower temp
    We all love a nice hot shower, but your hair does not. Hot water can strip your hair of natural oils and any moisture. When your hair is already dry from summer this can definitely make it worse. Turn down the temp a bit, and start rinsing with cool water which will seal the hair cuticle and make your hair appear smoother and shinier!

    On days you just NEED a nice hot shower, pop your hair in a shower cap to protect it from the heat.
  3. Switch up your products
    If your hair is dry after summer, going to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner will help it get moisture back quickly. Look for shampoo and conditioner that says ‘Moisture Rich’ on the bottle or contains Vitamin E and Panthenol. But don’t shampoo every day, which will allow your hair some time to rebalance its natural oils, and regain some moisture.
  1. Start a hair care routine
    Autumn is the perfect time to invest in an ongoing hair care routine to keep your hair looking its best. Find products that will work with your hair type to keep it healthy. This can include specific shampoo, conditioner, hair masks/treatments and heat protection sprays. Setting up a good hair care routine will help your hair stay healthy over winter and then well into the warmer months.

    Also consider getting some hair-loving materials such as microfibre towels or hair wraps, which can dry your hair without causing hair breakage or damage.

Another tip to maintain your hair health is to invest in some preventative methods over summer. This includes regular hair masks to add moisture, shampooing after swimming in a pool or a beach, and using hair oils and treatments to protect your hair from the summer heat. Check out more of our tips here.

But for now, give your hair some love with the above tips, and say hello to Autumn.

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