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T Shape Facial Roller - Gold - Battery operated

Introducing our Dilly's Collections T Shape Facial Roller - Gold - Battery operated! This magical wand is designed to help you achieve brighter, firmer, and more even complexion with the power of advanced micro-vibration technology.


  • By stimulating facial muscles and promoting collagen production, this electric facial roller helps strengthen and firm the skin while also improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.
  • The vibrations can also help tighten sagging skin, reduce dark circles, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.
  • This T-shaped facial roller is suitable for all skin types and is made with high-quality materials. It's also waterproof with an IPX5 rating, making it safe for use in the bathroom and shower.
  • To use, simply insert one AA battery (not included) and switch on the roller. Gently roll it over your face and neck, focusing on areas of concern. It can be used alone or in conjunction with your favourite skincare products to enhance their effects.

So if you're looking to restore radiance and firmness to your aging skin, try the Dilly's Collections T Shape Facial Roller - Gold - Battery operated today and experience the power of micro-vibration technology!



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