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Sleeping Cap - Luxury Satin - Black

This Dilly's Collections Sleeping Cap - Luxury Satin Black  has a premium quality satin lining for luxe and comfort. The sleeping cap keeps your hair feeling fresh and clean after a full night's sleep. In an oversized fit, it fits over any hairstyle and prevents hair from frizzing and knotting.

Why do women wear sleep caps?

A sleeping cap for curly hair is often used to preserve hair volume and keep those curls from twisting into a tangle that is difficult to get out come morning.

A sleeping cap for long hair can prevent those long tresses from getting trapped under your arms or under a pillow as you move during the night.

They reduce friction between your hair and pillow while you sleep, which keeps curls defined and hydrated, protects hair from split ends and shields against frizz. Cotton pillowcases often absorb the oils and natural moisture from your hair, but a silk or satin hair cap can help your hair retain moisture.

• This Sleeping Cap has a premium quality satin lining for luxe and comfort
Prevents hair from frizzing and knotting, preserves hair treatments and preserves blow waves or hair treatments, all while you soundly snooze.
Keep your hair beautiful 24/7 with no risk of bed frizz!



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