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Why Microfibre?

Designed in Australia, Dilly’s Collections prides itself on offering shower caps of the highest standard and are the first EVER to use a protective MICROFIBRE lining!

The inner layer is lined with microfibre and the middle layer with PVC materials. These first two layers offer complete protection from steam and moisture that often causes your hair to become frizzy and unravel. The outer layer is made from premium quality satin.

We've also spread our microfibre love to other products, like our Drying Turban and Microfibre Body Wrap. 

But, why microfibre? You ask. Well, here's a few reasons why we 💗microfibre for our hair and body!

  1. Moisture Absorber - microfibre is made up of fibres that are smaller than a single strand of hair! These little strands a looped and shaped in a way that make it able to catch liquid and dirt much more efficiently than normal towels. Microfibre can absorb as much as 6 times its weight in liquid. What a superstar.

    What does this mean for your hair? Well, it means that the microfibre lining in our shower caps will absorb moisture and humidity rather than letting it ruin your hair. With the Drying Turbans and Body Wrap it means your hair and body will dry quicker than using a standard towel. 

  2.  Soft and smooth - have you ever felt a microfibre towel before? Mmm. You should. It's pretty amazing. Microfibre's soft and smooth feeling is perfect for your hair. Your hair won't get caught on any loose fibres which can cause hair breakage and frizz.

    If you're using the Drying Turban, you don't need to rub it on your hair for it to dry, which causes hair damage and frizz. You simply need to pop it on, enjoy that soft and smooth feeling, and wait. 

  3. Long-lasting - microfibre lasts much longer than standard cotton towels, about 500 washes! We don't want to give you a product that you have to throw away in a few months. Our shower caps, and all our other products, are designed to last. The microfibre helps us achieve this!

  4. Little bit of luxury - We've all tried on those unappealing, plastic shower caps, correct? It feels like you're wearing a literal plastic bag over your head. And you just know that, no matter how carefully you dry it, it's going to be a moist, mouldy mess next time you whip it out of the bathroom cupboard. We were sick of that feeling. Which is why we designed shower caps to make us feel a little bit fancy in the bathroom. With the unique and stylish patterns, and our microfibre lining, you will never feel like you're wearing a bag over your head again. Cause we all deserve to look great everywhere, even in the bathroom when you're mid fake tan and have hair removal cream all over your face. Especially then.

So there you have it, a few of our main reasons we love microfibre. Need more convincing? Well, I guess you just have to buy one of our microfibre products and try it. Trust us, you won't regret it.



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