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Shower Caps

Abstract Print Shower Cap - Microfibre Lined


Introducing the Dilly's Collections Abstract Print Shower Capa fusion of fashion and function designed to safeguard your hair during showers and beauty regimens. This shower cap boasts a premium satin exterior and a luxurious microfibre lining, catering to the diverse needs of all hair types.


  1. 1. Unmatched Quality: Meticulously crafted with a sumptuous satin exterior and a plush microfibre inner lining, this shower cap seamlessly blends elegance with utility.
    2. Triple-Layered Armour: Envelop yourself in a triple-layered shield that effectively blocks steam and moisture, preserving your hairstyle and hair treatments.
    3. Tailored for Comfort: The custom-made super secure band guarantees a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring your cap stays in place securely.
    4. Universally Accommodating: With a generous 30cm diameter, it accommodates most head sizes effortlessly.
    5. Microfibre Magic: Revel in the soft, gentle touch of microfibre that swiftly absorbs moisture, reducing frizz and keeping your hair in tip-top condition. Measurement 31cm,    

    Elevate your haircare routine with our Dilly's Collections Abstract Print Shower Caps – Microfibre Lined – Standard Size. Discover the unparalleled advantages of microfibre and indulge in the ultimate protection and style with Dilly's Collections Shower Cap.

    Why Opt for Microfibre Towelling Lining:
    Microfibre is the ultimate choice for hair and body care due to its innate softness, gentle nature, and rapid moisture absorption capabilities. The opulent microfibre towelling lining of our shower cap serves as a guardian against moisture, minimizing frizz and ensuring your hair remains impeccable. Experience the microfibre advantage while embracing sophistication with the Dilly's Collections Shower Cap.



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