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Ice Globe Facial Massager - Set of 2 - Pink

Introducing the Dilly's Collections Ice Globe Facial Massager - Set of 2 - Pink, the latest skincare tool that's taking the industry by storm. These globes are an easy and effective addition to your skincare routine, providing a great workout and massage for your face.

Using the Ice Globes regularly will help your skin look more lifted and radiant, reduce redness and inflammation, even out your skin tone, and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. By using these globes with your favourite skin oil or serum, you can enhance the absorption of the treatment for even better results.


  • This set comes with two pink globes and is easy to use. There are two techniques you can try: lymphatic massage and lifting massage.
  • For a lifting massage, roll the globes upwards along your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead to stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin.
  • For a lymphatic massage, roll the globes down your face, along your forehead, the sides of your face, and down your neck to ease tension, stimulate nerves, and release toxins.
  • These globes should be stored in the fridge or placed in ice water for 10 minutes before use to ensure the best results. Avoid putting them in the freezer for any length of time.

Overall, the Dilly's Collections Ice Globe Facial Massager - Set of 2 - Pink is a must-have skincare tool that will help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin. Add them to your routine today and experience the benefits for yourself!



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