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Sleeping Cap - Pale Pink Satin - Extra Large

The Dilly's Collections Sleeping Cap in Pale Pink Satin is the perfect accessory to keep your hair fresh and clean after a night's sleep.


  • Designed to preserve hair volume and prevent tangling and frizz, this sleeping cap features a premium quality satin lining for luxurious comfort.
  • Its adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit around your head, and its reversible design allows for versatile wear.
  • This sleep cap protects hair treatments and blow waves, making it a great alternative to satin pillowcases. It reduces friction between hair and pillow, preventing split ends and keeping curls hydrated and defined.
  • Suitable for all hair types, this sleeping cap is a must-have for those who want to maintain beautiful hair 24/7.
  • Features include a reversible design, adjustable strap, premium quality satin lining, and one size fits most. It's comfortable for sleeping and provides hair treatment protection, making it an essential accessory for all hair types.

Say goodbye to bed frizz and hello to beautiful hair with The Dilly's Collections Sleeping Cap.



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